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[Aug. 20th, 2007|05:03 pm]


[mood |busy]

Name: Amie
Fandoms you follow/love:
Heroes (milo ventimiglia and zachary quinto), bones (david boreanaz), btvs (james marsters and again David), movies (every time I see a movie I give a review, more like my random thoughts on it), music (I do post music and videos from time to time), etc. I also post the icons I make. My fandoms are many, just check out my profile and you'll get some what of a clue of what fandoms are focused on..
I'm giving this another try. I always get a half and half response. Meaning, only half the time I end up finding fun and interesting people to become friends with. I won't waste anyones time if I don't find myself reading an LJ I will remove it from my f-list. As I would expect you to do the same with mine (I don't hold a grudge when someone removes me).  I like to meet new people, I love talking and getting to know new people and I've found some amazing friends through LJ. Online friends sometimes can be even more involved in my life than my real life friends, sad but true lol. Anywho, I'm looking for some new blood for my LJ. I will admit my LJ has become more fandom driven than anything else. I still post about my life from time to time, but more recently I've used LJ to be my escape from everyday life. This year hasn't been the best of years for me and instead of getting all emo about it I try to distract myself with things that make me happy.

Everything you need to know about me you can find out through my profile. :)

I use to give a list of who I don't want to add me. But this time I really don't care. All I ask is, don't add me to just bash something I love. :)