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Hi. [Aug. 6th, 2007|10:30 pm]
Name: Barubello but my human name is Carolina.
Age: 19
Fandoms you follow/love: Angel Sanctuary, Count Cain, Yu Yu Hakusho, Peachgirl, Anita Blake, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mermaid Saga, Vampire Hunter D, Vampire Chronicles, From Eroica with love, Hana Yori Dango, Deathnote Saiyuki.
Bio: Hello, I'm a newbie in LJ (female, 19 years old and mature despite random moments) and would be interested in friending anyone that has similar interests as me, although I do appreciate individuality it would be nice to friend a few folks with common interests.

I'm bisexual and a healthy, not addicted, fan of manga and a bit of anime, my favorite titles are Peach girl, Hana yori dango, Death note, anything from Kaori Yuki and Yu Yu Hakusho. I'm not cuckoo fandom-wise, but I do fan-girl over the named series above. I'm pretty sane compared to most.

I love reading novels, vampire and horror fictions are my favorites. Love listening to rock, alternative rock and I'm very openminded about a lot of things and the thing with 'labels' people stress over is a thing of yesterday (which ironically I was never a part of) and something to laugh about. Movies are one topic I find enjoyment in discussing. I don't know what else to say at this moment but if you're interested in friending and getting to know me, friend away. I don't bite. I'm serious I don't.


[User Picture]From: crowskywalker
2007-08-29 02:42 pm (UTC)
We have some things in common, so I added you!
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